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QAD Ultra-Rest Patriot #UHXAF

SKU: 71050403571

-Total arrow containment, the arrow will never fall off.
-Drop-Away rest with total fletching clearance.
-Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back and total fletching clearance.
-Shoots with launcher in 90 degree position (proven the most accurate position on drop-aways)
-Drops only when bow is fired, not when letting the bow down slowly
-Noise-reducing, laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners
-Tested at over 400fps with total fletching clearance
-Available in Right or Left hand
-Made in the USA with a Limited Life-Time Warranty

Manufacturer Item # UHXAF

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Quality Archery Design QAD Ultra-Rest Patriot #UHXAF - 710504035704


Don't miss out on this Limited Edition ULTRARESTâ„¢ Patriot

We are so thankful for our active military and veterans that have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, so much for our freedoms. With this rest you will not only shoot the best rest but you will shoot in honor of our troops. Thanks to all our Active Military and Veterans and God bless, you are in our thoughts and prayers at QAD.

Each rest is designed, manufactured, and assembled from start to finish by the hands of hard working Americans. This has helped build its reputation as the leading drop away arrow rest in the industry.

Protected by US patent #6,789,536

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