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DirtNap DRT Double Bevel Fixed Blade Broadhead #DBL-BLK

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DirtNap DRT Double Bevel Fixed Blade Broadhead #DBL-BLK - 850754005116

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If your looking for a broadhead that penetrates farther then any other then feast your eyes on the DirtNap DRT (Dead Right There) Double Beveled Broadhead. This head flies like a dream thanks to the bleeder blade which enhances the DRT's stability at longer distances giving you a better shot that you can rely on. The Double Beveled edge design will give you maximum strength and penetration, piercing the toughest of hides in Africa. Another cool features about his head, like the whole DirtNap line is the option to be able to shoot this as a 100 grain or a 125 grain by just adding the included 25 grain weight to the bottom of the broadhead before threading it on your arrow. Watch the DirtNap DRT Double change the way you think about a fixed blade broadhead.

-Double Bevel design
-Multiple Color options available
-Blade Thickness: .015"
-Cutting Surface: 1.84" (1.21" Blade/ .63" Bleeder)
-Ferrule: 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
-Main Blade: 420J2
-Teflon Coated
-Weight: 100 Grains naturally w/ Removable 25 weights
-Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed

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