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Avian X ½ Strut Jake #8012

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Avian X ½ Strut Jake #8012 - 810280080124


The pecking order impacts every facet of wild turkey behavior. It's why meticulous attention to detail goes into the design and manufacturing of every Avian-X LCD turkey decoy. The Avian-X LCD Half-Strut Jake perfectly portrays an intruding sub-dominant young male. From his body posture and head position, to his wing and tail placement, to the spread and positioning of his individual feathers, this decoy is telling the tragic tale of a young gobbler living dangerously outside of the pecking order. He's trying to establish his dominance, but has yet to fully learn fear. The Half-Strut Jake is highly effective in attracting all gobblers by challenging their dominance... because he's an easy ?ght. Combine the Half-Strut Jake with your favorite Avian-X LCD hens and watch tragedy unfold in your decoys.


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