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Blackhorn Breech Plug - 209 Primer #AC1611BH

SKU: 04312522611
  • .50 Caliber: YES
  • Fits All CVA Inline Rifles: YES
  • Fits CVA Apex: NO
  • Seating Wrench: YES
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AC1611BH
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Blackhorn Breech Plug - 209 Primer #AC1611BH - 043125226115


The CVA® Blackhorn™ QR Breech Plug is specifically designed for use with Blackhorn™ or other loose powder muzzleloading propellants. Nothing affects performance of your muzzleloader more than a clean breech plug for consistent ignition and better overall accuracy.

This stainless steel replacement breech plug is designed to work with all CVA Accura V2, Optima and Wolf models, 2010 or newer. This plug is optimal for whatever type of propellant you choose to use, either loose or pelletized. The CVA 209 breech plug allows the flash-hole to remain debris free after repeated shots with finer, loose powder propellants. You no longer need to continually clean out the flash-hole after each shot.

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