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CVA QRBP Variflame Conversion Kit for Accura MR-X & LR-X #AC1737

SKU: 04312511737

The CVA® QRBP™ Variflame Conversion Kit allows CVA™ Accura LR-X & MR-X Muzzleloader ignitions to use large rifle primers, instead of regular 209 primers. The QRBP VariFlame™ Kit comes with everything you need to load and unload these adapters for the CVA™ LR-X & MR-X muzzleloaders. The kit comes with 10 reusable VariFlame adapters, a punch and loading press.

The QBRP VariFlame™ Ignition System was developed to use large rifle primers, that are pressed into VariFlame™ adapters using the CVA™ priming tool which is provided in the kit. The VariFlame™ Kit also includes an aluminum punch which is used to used large rifle primers from the adapters. This process allows for multiple reuses of the VariFlame adapters.

The VariFlame™ technology is the brainchild of inventor Cecil Epps, who has licensed his patent to CVA™. The Variflame™ ignition system gives the CVA™ Accura MR-X & LR-X muzzleloaders superior accuracy and long-range performance when compared to any other muzzleloaders on the market.

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CVA QRBP Variflame Conversion Kit for Accura MR-X & LR-X #AC1737 - 043125117376


  • Quantity: 10 PACK
  • Punch: INCLUDED
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