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Black Powder Cotton Shooting Patches #5102

SKU: 02564151020

Material: 100% cotton

Thickness: 0.005" to 0.020"

Lubrication: Non-lubricated, Oil lubricated or Precision Lube 2000 lubricated

Quantity: 100

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MUZZLELOADER ORIG Black Powder Cotton Shooting Patches #5102 - 025641510206

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-Tightly woven cotton patches are resistant to burning.

-For use with a round ball of approximately .010" less than caliber, example would be a 50 caliber rifle uses one of these patches with a .490" diameter lead ball.

-Please check with your firearm's manufacturer for recommended lead ball and patch sizes.


These 100% cotton patches are pre-lubricated for easier loading and easier cleanup.

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