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Thompson Center IMPACT!SB Starter Kit- Blued/Black Composite #12284

SKU: 09016144960
  • Caliber : .50
  • Finish/Stock : Blued/Black Synthetic
  • Barrel Length : 26"
  • Breech Plug : Speed Breech®
  • Capacity : Single Shot
  • Length of Pull : 13"-14"
  • Overall Length : 40"
  • Weight : 6.95 lbs.
  • Rate of Twist : N/A
  • Ignition : N/A
  • Sights : ADJ. F.O.
  • Includes: Cleaning Kit, Sabots, Shockwave Bullets, Super Lube, Hand Removeable Speed Breach, Quick Load Accurizer
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Thompson Center IMPACT!SB Starter Kit- Blued/Black Composite #12284 - 090161449602

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  • ADJUSTABLE BUTTSTOCK: Thompson/Center knows that the best shot comes from a gun that fits. The adjustable buttstock with 1" spacer is just another way the Impact ensures shooters of all ages and sizes are paired with a reliable muzzleloader in the field.
  • SINGLE SHOT BREAK-OPEN SLIDING HOOD DESIGN: Designed to open easily for right- or left-handed shooters of all sizes, the Impact's single shot break-open hood construction means black powder hunters can spend less time loading and cleaning, and more time aiming in on that shot of a lifetime.
  • TRIPLE LEAD THREAD BREECH PLUG: Every muzzleloader hunter is all-too familiar with removing and inserting breech plugs. T/C's Speed Breech™ with triple lead threads simplifies this process, requiring only five turns to screw in, which not only saves time, but reduces seizing.
  • IN THE FIELD: SIZING YOUR RIFLE FOR A COMFORTABLE FIT: One size rifle doesn't fit every hunter - and finding the right fit often means the difference between bagging a trophy and returning empty-handed. A 1" spacer is always included with the T/C Impact to adjust the length of pull to match shooter preference. To determine your length of pull, simply hold your hand in a position as if you were holding a pistol grip, with your fingers in a comfortable trigger position.
  • Let your arm hang at your side, then make a 90 degree angle between your elbow and bicep. Measure from your trigger finger to the inside of your elbow in a straight line. This measurement indicates your length of pull.
  • Quality that comes installed straight from the T/C factory, the Impact's Fiber Optic Sights provide highly visible dots that appear to emit a radiant glow for more accurate shooting in low light conditions.
  • Featuring a 26" blued Magnum .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Barrel, the T/C Impact!™ can handle loads up to 150 grains of FFG Black Powder (or an equivalent black powder substitute) without sacrificing accuracy.
  • The American-made Impact is backed by the famous T/C Lifetime Warranty, protecting your investment for a lifetime of hunts.
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